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Lehigh University GO Getters Podcast LogoWhat if they never said GO?

Go-getters put ideas into action, creating change that has impact on our communities and our world. Lehigh President John D. Simon ’19P hosts straight-up, no-nonsense conversations with leaders on the forefront of change — within and beyond the university — who are dedicated to bringing direction to a dream. 



About the Host

Lehigh University President John D. Simon black and white portrait
John D. Simon ’19P, Lehigh’s 14th president, is an internationally renowned chemist and highly respected leader in higher education. During his time at Lehigh, President Simon has worked to raise the university’s national profile, enhance experiential learning opportunities for students, strengthen and grow its research infrastructure, expand its global programs, and build on its long, proud legacy of success in teaching, research, and service.



Season 2: Coming in October 2020!

Season 1 Episode Archive

S1 E6: Julia Pardee '21

black and white photo of Julia Pardee '21When COVID-19 disrupted the end of the spring semester, Student Senate President Julia Pardee ’21 had to navigate unfamiliar territory from a familiar space: representing the student body to Lehigh administrators.

President Simon talks with Julia about how she represented student concerns during the pandemic, the importance of communicating, and her student leadership experiences.

Show Notes

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S1 E5: Greg Reihman

black and white photo of Greg Reihman

In March 2020, Lehigh took 1,000 courses and programs online in just four days.

Hear from Greg Reihman, vice provost for Library and Technology Services, about how decades of experience informed the transition to remote learning, ways faculty and students have adapted, and how the shift to new technology will shape the future of education. 

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S1 E4: Khanjan Mehta

black and white photo of Khanjan MehtaKhanjan Mehta, inaugural vice provost for Creative Inquiry and director of the Mountaintop Initiative, has a motto: Get stuff done. President Simon explores what drives Khanjan's passion for problem solving, his frustrations with the “tyranny of content,” and how he guides students to tremendous successes — and spectacular failures — so they can change the world.

Stay tuned after the episode to hear how student projects have continued remotely since the disruption of COVID-19 and how creative inquiry can help us navigate in a vulnerable, uncertain, chaotic, and ambiguous world.

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S1 E3: Martin Harmer

Martin Harmer black and white portraitWhen Martin Harmer, Alcoa Foundation Professor of Material Science and Engineering, isn’t driving a revolution at the intersection of AI and electron microscopy, you may find him fishing hundreds of miles offshore or practicing his latest slight-of-hand trick. Join President Simon as he uncovers where Martin gets his ideas and how he puts the magic into engineering, literally and figuratively.

After the episode, Martin shares what it’s like teaching remotely from his boat, where he found himself stranded after COVID-19 shut down the country.

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S1 E2: Madelyn Monahan '21

Maddie Monahan black and white portraitAs a top business student, rising computer scientist, and field hockey star, Maddie Monahan ’21 seems like she has it all figured out. But that hasn’t always been the case. Join President Simon as he talks with Maddie about her insights on overcoming failure, how she’s pursuing her passions, and what the art of passing on the field has taught her about leadership.

Stay tuned after the episode to hear how Maddie has navigated her semester since Lehigh moved to remote learning due to COVID-19.

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S1 E1: William Crow

black and white photograph of William CrowFresh from the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Lehigh University Art Galleries Director William Crow talks neuroscience and Nirvana with President Simon as part of a far-ranging conversation about art and the role it plays in interdisciplinary education and research.

After the episode, stay tuned to hear how William has taken the work of the galleries online since the advent of COVID-19, and his perspectives on the value of art in uncertain times.

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