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Professor Martin Harmer
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Episode #03: Martin Harmer

When Martin Harmer, Alcoa Foundation Professor of Material Science and Engineering, isn’t driving a revolution at the intersection of AI and electron microscopy, you may find him fishing hundreds of miles offshore or practicing his latest slight-of-hand trick. Join President John Simon as he uncovers where Martin gets his ideas and how he puts the magic into engineering, literally and figuratively.

After the episode, Martin shares what it’s like teaching remotely from his boat, where he found himself stranded after COVID-19 shut down the country.




Episode Extras 

Martin Harmer official Lehigh University profile

Lehigh engineers using data analytics, experimental microscopy validate novel approach to new materials search (RELATED NEWS)

Photo Gallery: Martin Harmer

Martin Harmer discusses his successes as a fisherman during recording.
Martin Harmer and his wife, Andrea Harmer, wave from their boat, the Cheeky Monkey.
Harmer at work from the Cheeky Monkey
Harmer tunes in to Governor Cuomo's COVID-19 briefings from aboard the Cheeky Monkey.

VIDEO: Martin Harmer performs a magic trick