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Episode #10: Adrian Suarez '22

Adrian Suarez '22Adrian Suarez ’22 was only 13 when he lost his father, but he was old enough to appreciate the shortness of life and the need to make the most of the opportunities before him. With the help of a Lehigh scholarship, Adrian has since navigated the challenges of being an international, first-generation college student to become a philosopher, a social entrepreneur, a business consultant, and even a stand-up comedian. With host Joe Buck, follow Adrian’s journey to hear what motivates him, the connection between comedy and resilience, and the ways his adventures are still unfolding.



Episode Extras 

Global social impact — and a surprise! Adrian shares his Mountaintop Initiative experience from his own point of view and drops in on his unsuspecting mother. 

Connecting with his values. Adrian shares the story of his journey to Lehigh with The Brown and White.

The Addiction of Immigration: A performance by Adrian Suarez '22

Recording session selfie: Adrian captured this selfie with GO Getters host Joe Buck and the GO Getters podcast production team.
Adrian Suarez '22, GO Getters host Joe Buck, and the GO Getters production team.