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Episode #18: Tony Silvoy

Tony Silvoy“Right there that is!” For more than 40 years, The Goose’s Tony Silvoy has spent nearly every day making sandwiches for his friends. With host Joe Buck, Silvoy reflects on how he found his calling at the landmark Southside deli, the ways the neighborhood has changed through the years, and his role as an unofficial Lehigh ambassador.


Episode Extras 

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From the Brown & White: The Goose and its enduring presence in the Lehigh community

Community Voices Spotlight on Tony Silvoy

A humble sandwich maker on Twitter


Photo Gallery: Tony Silvoy

The Silvoys (from right to left): Laura, Tony, Deb, and Kevin
Daughter Laura, Lehigh Class of 2011, lends a hand catering a Lehigh event.
Proud father Tony at Laura’s wedding. Photo by Kate Capato of Visual Grace.
Tony has been a fixture at The Goose counter for more than four decades.
Ready for lunch?
Tony Silvoy and host Joe Buck in the podcast studio.