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Episode #19: Allison Codi ’22

Allison Codi

Allison Codi '22, a major in IDEAS (Integrated Degree in Engineering, Arts and Sciences), knows and loves the space where computer science, engineering, and health converge. In this episode, Codi talks with host Joe Buck about her research in COVID-19 forecasting, her love of frisbee (and hatred of stink bugs), and how she views herself as a mentor for women and girls in STEM.

Soaring Together Women of Lehigh
We are proud to feature Allison Codi ’22 as part of Soaring Together: Celebrating 50 Years of Lehigh Coeducation. 

Episode Extras 

About Lehigh’s Integrated Degree in Engineering, Arts and Sciences

Research Abstract: “Forecast: the impacts of vaccines and variants on the U.S. COVID trajectory,” of which Codi is a first author

Mentorship in Action: CHOICES (Charting Horizons and Opportunities In Careers in Engineering and Science)

LU Gravity Women’s Ultimate team competes in national championship

Allison Codi, Once Upon a Time

Photo Gallery: Allison Codi ’22