Go: The Campaign for Lehigh

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Go: The Campaign for Lehigh

GO: The Campaign for Lehigh is a $1 billion-plus fundraising and engagement initiative that will strengthen our efforts to attract the best students, develop new facilities and programs, and support the research of our renowned faculty.


Campaign Update

Lehigh Announces New Scholarship Program Recognizing 50 Years of Coeducation

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GO: The Campaign for Lehigh is a historic, comprehensive undertaking that encompasses hundreds of initiatives to support our colleges—the College of Arts and Sciences, College of Business, College of Education, P.C. Rossin College of Engineering and Applied Science, and our new College of Health—as well as athletics, international programs, and more. Scroll below to learn more about our university-wide initiatives that will shape the future of Lehigh and vastly expand our impact as a university.

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Students & the Residential Experience

We are committed to creating a diverse, vibrant community of the most talented students, regardless of their financial capacity. We provide the resources, support, and facilities these students need to excel while at Lehigh—so they are prepared to lead lives of consequence thereafter. You can help ensure the most talented and ambitious students always have a place at Lehigh.

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Scholarships and Financial Aid

To ensure talented students have access to the Lehigh experience

We seek to establish lasting and unassailable resources for financial aid in the form of scholarships. Your support ensures Lehigh can continue its commitment to meet the demonstrated financial aid needs of all students.

Student Access & Success

To provide all students with the support they need to thrive

With this campaign, we are building 21st-century support systems that will enable all students—particularly first generation and low-income students—to have access to a Lehigh education and achieve at the highest level. These programs span recruitment and admissions, student life, academic coaching, mentoring, and career development, among others, and are being coordinated across the university by a new Center for Student Access and Success. Your support will help provide students with the services they need to take advantage of all that Lehigh has to offer so that they can excel.

Clayton University Center

To foster leadership and connections through a vibrant campus environment

The renovation of the Clayton University Center will reimagine the Lehigh student experience. The Clayton University Center project will create updated dining spaces, new amenities, and new recreational and work spaces, while honoring the building’s historic splendor. Your support will help foster an environment that unifies our community, strengthens our traditions, and creates an atmosphere of connections, collaboration, and leadership.

Clayton University Center plans for after renovations

Soaring Together 

Investing in the impact of Lehigh women

As Lehigh celebrates 50 years of coeducation and its impact, the university is taking action to ensure all talented Lehigh students have every opportunity to achieve their goals.

New Residential Houses 

Transforming residential life and learning at Lehigh

The new Singleton, Hitch, and Maida Residential Houses, along with a planned second phase complex, are designed to reinvigorate the heart of campus with state-of-the-art spaces and provide the living and learning environments today's students need. 

Architectural rendering of the exterior of the New Residential HousesArchitectural rendering of the exterior of the New Residential HousesArchitectural rendering of the fitness center of the New Residential HousesArchitectural rendering of the cafe of the New Residential HousesArchitectural rendering of the multipurpose room of the New Residential HousesArchitectural rendering of the suite layout in the New Residential Houses

Architectural renderings of the New Residential Houses.


Lehigh Fund

Immediate impact for student needs

Your giving to the Lehigh Fund allows the university to fulfill its highest priority, which currently is scholarships and financial aid. Your generosity also helps provide resources the university can use to respond to unanticipated needs and take advantage of emerging opportunities.

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Amplifying Our Strengths

A Lehigh education is purposeful, practical, and powerful. Our hands-on and high-impact learning experiences equip students with the skill sets and mindsets necessary for success in today’s rapidly changing world. You can help to continue our investment in programs that prepare students for the careers of tomorrow and teach them to translate big ideas into bold actions with real-world impact.

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College of Health

To prepare students and shape the future of global healthcare

We are facing a time of historic expansion within the healthcare industry. Job growth in healthcare is increasing at a rate that far outpaces most other sectors while global healthcare spending continues to rise.

But with growth come new challenges and opportunities—and Lehigh is making the most of them. The new College of Health is a novel, nonclinical college that takes full advantage of Lehigh’s strengths in interdisciplinary and entrepreneurial approaches to research and education. Programs and classes enable students to explore healthcare from a variety of perspectives, preparing them for careers in areas such as public health policy, environmental health and science, disease and disaster preparedness, health education, population health, and health economics, among many others.

GO: The Campaign for Lehigh provides critical resources for the launch of the new College of Health. Your support ensures Lehigh faculty and graduates play an important role in this rapidly growing sector—helping to shape and reshape the healthcare industry for years to come.

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Increasing our Impact on Students and Society

Our community of faculty, graduate students, and undergraduate students pursues groundbreaking discoveries that identify and address complex problems and drive progress. We are explorers, artists, and scholars, with interests ranging from engineering to the liberal arts, business to the social sciences, and creative endeavors to education. With focused, strategic investments, we can continue to cultivate our research environment and power the ideas that will change our world for the better.

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Health, Science & Technology Building

To support world-class collaborative research with impact

Top research universities need top research facilities. At Lehigh, the Health, Science, and Technology building (HST) is that facility, providing flexible and collaborative spaces where Lehigh’s interdisciplinary research endeavors can flourish.

HST supports work across a variety of disciplines and serves as the administrative home of the College of Health. The building’s layout fosters a collaborative, interdisciplinary, and nimble approach to answering some of society’s most challenging problems. This facility gives Lehigh the flexibility to adapt to changing dynamics in the world of research, allowing our faculty to tackle the greatest challenges of our time and not only prepare for, but create the future.

Interdisciplinary Research Institutes

To bring together diverse disciplines to power progress

We believe that interdisciplinary research is our best hope for addressing the complex challenges that lie ahead. Lehigh’s Interdisciplinary Research Institutes (IRIs) bring together leading faculty and graduate researchers from a variety of fields to focus on a specific challenge. This innovative approach allows these research teams to use their combined strengths to confront problems from every perspective and to develop multifaceted solutions. We have launched three IRIs, with more envisioned for the future.

These IRIs and other collaborative structures build our strengths in key areas where Lehigh can lead on the national and international stage by incubating new ideas, bringing seemingly disparate talents to bear on large-scale issues and scaling possible solutions in order to impact the world outside Lehigh.

Additional Initiatives:

Driving Impact Across the University

GO: The Campaign for Lehigh will also provide critically important funding for numerous other initiatives supporting all aspects of the university. Learn more about other giving opportunities here.