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What Happens When We GO?

The goal is within sight for GO: The Campaign for Lehigh. As we endeavor together to bring this historic effort to fruition, explore the Campaign Impact Report to learn about the tremendous impact alumni and friends have had so far and envision the Lehigh we are making possible. Thank you for your continued support and dedication as we continue to GO!

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About GO: The Campaign for Lehigh

Lehigh has always believed in the importance of preparing people to lead lives of consequence—and in molding leaders unafraid to take on great challenges, solve problems, and move humanity forward. We are steadfast in this belief because we know the nation, and indeed the world, benefits immeasurably from individuals who look out at the unknown and see endless opportunities.

This commitment is more important than ever in today’s era of accelerated change. Students are entering a workforce that will challenge them to thrive in a state of constant disruption. The higher education landscape is shifting rapidly. The institutions that lead tomorrow will be those that take action today.

Lehigh is ready for this moment. We deliver the right kind of education for our times—a distinctive education that teaches students how to learn and apply that learning. We have an intrinsic interdisciplinary mindset perfect for tackling complex challenges. We have research strengths that can help address our world’s toughest challenges. We have big ideas and are already pursuing ambitious goals for the future.

Now, it falls to people like us—Lehigh people—to take action and drive the university forward.

GO: The Campaign for Lehigh, a $1 billion-plus fundraising and engagement effort, calls for investment in the next generation of Lehigh people—tenacious, resilient, and hard-working graduates skilled in leadership and critical thinking.

With top priorities around scholarships, academic and experiential learning programs, and research and distinction across all colleges and disciplines, this campaign will fuel the next great age of Lehigh University. Together, we will ensure Lehigh will continue to deliver a transformational education to the most talented students and drive innovation and research that will change our world.

Let's go!


Our Progress to Date

Thanks to the generosity and support of so many in the Lehigh family, we are well on our way toward achieving the ambitious goals of GO: The Campaign for Lehigh. Make your contribution and participate in events or volunteer today--and help us build the Lehigh of tomorrow.

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Contactable Alumni Engaged

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Campaign Leadership

GO: The Campaign for Lehigh would not be possible without the commitment of our Campaign Co-Chairs and Honorary Chairs. These leaders have given generously—supporting the campaign financially, serving as valuable partners with the university during campaign planning, and providing inspiration and motivation for the Lehigh community.


  • Maria L. Chrin ’87 ’10P
  • Jordan Hitch ’88 ’20P ’21P
  • James R. Maida ’85 ‘17P ’19P
  • Mark R. Yeager ’81

Honorary Chairs:

  • Murray H. Goodman ’48
  • Joseph R. Perella ’64
  • Daniel E. Smith Jr. ’71

Campaign Volunteers

We also extend a special thanks to the members of our Campaign Cabinet, who play leading roles on Lehigh’s many volunteer councils and boards, and to our Campaign Ambassadors. These dedicated individuals are helping to share the vision and goals of GO: The Campaign for Lehigh throughout the Lehigh community.

Campaign News

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